Business Formation

A business entity is established so that the business has a legal existence separate from its owners. If a business entity is properly formed, the owners’ personal assets are generally not subject to the creditors of the business, including judgment creditors. Therefore, a business entity must be established and maintained as a separate legal entity, and certain formalities must be observed.

RLK forms business entities, including corporations, LLCs, partnerships, and limited partnerships. We also prepare and review business contracts, buy-sell agreements, and business-succession plans. RLK is available to act as registered agent for Nevada business entities.

Memos Regarding Business Entities

These memos give an overview of how business entities are formed and how they can be used to accomplish estate-planning objectives.

Starting a New Limited-Liability Company
How to start a limited-liability company (LLC).

Starting a New Corporation: Doing it Right
How to start a corporation.

Business Succession Planning
Planning a transfer of business ownership.

Estate Planning Using Business Entities
Using business entities to accomplish estate-planning objectives, including asset management and control, asset protection, and facilitating estate reduction.