Affidavit of Entitlement
NEVADA ONLY:  Affidavit used to collect the personal property (cannot be used for real property) of a deceased person if the decedent’s estate is not more than the “applicable amount”, which is $100,000 if the claimant is the decedent’s spouse or domestic partner or $25,000 for other claimants.

Nevada Health-Care Power of Attorney
Combined form: (1) durable power of attorney for health care; (2) directive relating to long-term care; (3) directive relating to life support; (4) directive relating to organ donations; and (5) instructions relating to a memorial service and the ultimate disposition of mortal remains. [Based on Nevada law, but some provisions may be useful elsewhere.]

Nevada Statutory Financial Power of Attorney
A power of attorney is a document in which one person (the “principal”) delegates authority to another person (the “agent”) so that the agent can take actions relating to the principal’s property and financial affairs on the principal’s behalf. This is the form approved by the Nevada Legislature with minor modifications.

Nevada Declaration of Domicile
Memo outlining the steps to take to establish legal residency in Nevada.IMPORTANT:  This memo deals with Nevada law only, and it does not address the question of whether or not another state may claim that you are a legal resident of that state under its laws. For the answer to that question, you must consult an attorney who is licensed in the state in which you are trying to avoid residency.

Supplemental Schedule
Form to supplement and update the schedule of assets belonging to a revocable trust.