Tips and Traps

Optimizing Planning and Minimizing Problems

Trust Modifications
Explains how revocable and irrevocable trusts can be modified.

Property Agreements for Couples
Benefits of having a marital property agreement.

Stealth Wealth
Pros and Cons of trying to hide asset ownership from public records.

Asset Ownership
Effects of various forms of asset ownership.

Asset Protection Trusts and Public Records
Choosing between privacy and protection when owning assets under a Nevada asset-protection trust (a.k.a., Nevada self-settled spendthrift trust).

Beneficiaries of IRAs or Retirement Plans
A memo regarding who should be the beneficiaries of your IRA or retirement plan.

Tax Identification Numbers
What tax identification number – social security number or employer identification number – is needed by financial institutions holding funds owned by individuals, trusts, and business entities?